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I make bespoke orthopedic footwear and insoles according to each customer’s specific needs. My customers are people who suffer from problems with their lower limbs and feet and who need specially made shoes or insoles to support movement, ease pain and prevent the problems from getting worse.

Pedestra Orthopedic Shoes Tampere

With my products I want to advance customers quality of life. Feet are an important but often forgotten part of the human body. The opportunity to walk and move without pain and independently is important for everyone’s psychological as well as physical well-being. With the right kind of footwear and/or insoles I can influence customer’s posture and gait and therefore improve the quality of their life.

My workshop is situated in Kaleva, Tampere, where I meet my customers and make the products. I also make house-calls if needed. If you have questions, or you would like to place an order, please do not hesitate to call or e-mail me and we can set up an appointment.

Ortopedinen suutari Päivi Parviainen Pedestra

At your service:

Päivi Parviainen
Orthopedic shoemaker

Sammonkatu 13
FIN-33540 Tampere

Tel. 050-5185974

Products and services

Orthopedic footwear

These shoes are individually designed to support and advance the treatment and rehabilitation of your specific diagnosis. I work together with healthcare professionals to provide you the best aid you need. Please consult your physiotherapist or doctor on the matter and bring the documents to our meeting.

In our first meeting I make a posture and gait analysis that helps me design the static and dynamic features of your shoes. We decide together the model of the shoe. The shoe lasts are made to your individual measurements and the orthopedic components are chosen according to your needs.

Ortopediset jalkineet mittatilaustyönä

Orthopedic insoles

You might benefit from orthopedic insoles, if you have minor malalignments or pain in your lower limbs. Insoles support your feet and guide them in a better position while you walk. When padded, they ease pain and protect your feet from abrasions.

Posture and gait analysis is also included and I design the technical features of the insoles to your specific needs. I take a negative imprint of your feet with a foam box and make the insoles according to the plastercast.

Tukipohjalliset mittojen mukaan

Bespoke footwear

Are your feet unusually big, small or wide and is it impossible to find shoes that fit from the store?

Or would you just like to have a pair of unique shoes that nobody else has? Then your answer is bespoke footwear. I design the shoes according to your wishes and make them with a shoelast fit for your measurements. The emphasis is of course on the model of the shoe, but I also make a posture and gait analysis to ensure the shoes don’t just look fantastic but are also good for your feet.

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